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Background Characters

Atlantis, guns and rifle broker
Business, NYC, Terra.
Atlantis is an unregistered business buying and selling restricted weapons. The contact information was obtained from Marion as part of the special payment for saving his life. 

Appeared in: NA

Marion McMaster, business owner and bait hunter
Wealthy Terran, USA, Terra.
Marion owns a 3D manufacturing business in Connecticut. He was a passenger on the CAMEROON and was saved by its crew when the bait hunt took an unexpected turn. Marion paid a high price for his life, although the CAMEROON's crew are still in a position to blackmail him badly.
Appeared in: Hunters, Blue Jungle, Big in Japan

Miho, receptionist for the Rising Sun Mission in Tsukuba
Perky and corruptible woman, Tsukuba, Japan, Terra.
Miho proved to be a lousy gatekeeper for Mr. Toyo and reveled his contact information for 100Cr. 
Appeared in: Big in Japan

Mr Toyo, Director of the Rising Sun Mission
Mysterious terran, Tsukuba, Japan, Terra.
Mr. Toyo is the director of the Japan-based NGO called "Rising Sun Mission". His contact was obtained by bribing a NGO's receptionist called Miho.  The NGO was allegedly the point of contact for Marion and Phillip to go bait hunting on Prometheus.
Appeared in: Big in Japan

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