Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jaiyang "Jane" Calhoun

ST: 10 - HP: 9
Comfort first.
DX: 11 - Will: 12
IQ: 12 - Per: 13
HT: 11 - FP: 10

Ads: Mathematical Ability 2, Acute Vision 5, Status 1, Comfortable Wealth, Eidetic Memory, Alcohol Tolerant
Disads: Greedy, Chauvinistic, Heavy drinker, Always checks your numbers

Languages:Anglic [NN], Chinese [NN], Vilani [AS], German [AS]
CF: Terran, Vilani, Fenris
Contact: Nikolai,  Fellow Crypto Student, skill 18, fairly often, somewhat reliable
Patron: Captain leKerk, powerful individual, 6-
Rank: 3/Lieutenant, 1/Free Trader, 1/Graduate

AKS: Sol-14, Sirius-14, Procyon-14, Nusku-14, Dengir-14, Mirabillis-12, Sarpedon-12
Math Skills:Astronomy-14, Cryptography-15, Economics-12, Engineer (Electronics)-12, Finance-12, Market Analysis-14, Math(Applied)-14, Physics-14
Ship Skills:  Astrogation-11, Crewman-12, ElectOps (Comm)-11, ElectOps(Sensors)-13, Freight Handling-11, Navigation (System)-13, Pilot (Spaceship)-10
Social Skills: Carousing-11, Leadership-13, Merchant-13, Propaganda-11, Savoir Faire (Business)-12, Savoir Faire (Military)-12, Streetwise-11
Misc Skills: Computer Ops-13, Computer Programming-10, Current Affairs(Events)-12, Driving (Ground)-10, Guns/Beam-11, History(Terra)-10, Intelligence Analysis-12, Research-12, Smuggling-11, Strategy-12, Writing-12


Jiaying “Jane” Calhoun grew up in a comfortable household on Mars. One of her moms was a police officer in the Tharis colony PD, the other an accountant for CeresCo, an asteroid mining operation. Growing up, she spent quite a bit of time at the police station, becoming almost an unofficial mascot for the day shift, including the watch captain, Captain leKerk (patron). She was bright but not exceptionally so. Her mothers both felt that exercise was important, so Jane was always involved in some sport or other. She has exceptionally good eyesight, which stood her in good stead when she settled on her sport of choice, tennis. In school she did well with anything involving numbers.

Jane launched into her academic career with a fury. She was great with numbers, and excelled in courses where a good number sense would help. She really liked cryptography, and ended up majoring in it, thinking she might find a career with some government or corporate intel gathering unit. She was good friends with a Cryppto grad student, Nikolai, and they had a grand time conversing on mathematics. For a man, he was all right. As she got older, she learned to go out and have a little fun, developing a taste for good alcohol. Her last year she had a scare when her roommate came down with Denebian crabs. Fortunately, Jane avoided her fate.

Graduating with her crypto degree, Jane decided to see what the galaxy was like, so she parlayed her skills into a naval commission. After Basic and OCS she was deployed on a cruiser to a low intensity patrol. The military life taught her some discipline, as well as the basics of combat and warfare. Towards the end of her tour there was an accident aboard ship. Jane froze, and was injured in the event. She spent time in the hospital, and chose not to re-enlist.

In Free Trading, Jane finally felt like she had found her home. She signed on the Really Peaceful and put her broad base of skills to good use. She met a nice girl who was also on the crew, Zhang Ziyi. They fell in love, and were soon married. Marriage suited Jane well, and she became somewhat of a homebody, foregoing her prior exercise routines in exchange for appreciating Zhang’s excellent cooking.

Of course, such a new lifestyle led to unexpected expenses. At one port of call, Jane decided to try her hand at a bit of smuggling. She cringed when police swooped down, only to arrest the person in front of her! She made her connection and came away with a nice little sum of cash, which she promptly spent on a present for Zhang.

Jane and Zhang settled in to Free Trader life quite happily. Both enjoyed the lifestyle, and worked hard to earn the money that required. Somewhere along the way, the outgo started to exceed the income. Maybe it was the speculative trip to Merabillis, or the disaster at Sharpedon. Jane started down a criminal path slowly, cooking the books to keep the home office happy, that sort of thing. Eventually, she started assisting her captain in a smuggling operation. Small, easily concealed contraband items at first. Larger cargos came eventually.

It all fell apart at a clandestine rendezvous in an asteroid belt near Arcturus. The captain’s timetable was tight, she skipped her usually thorough sensor sweep of the area, and was nabbed in the act by a random Patrol. Zhang was fortunately off-ship at the time, and claimed ignorance of the whole affair. Jane went to prison for three years. Zhang did not wait, and filed for divorce.

She is now out of prison and looking to start rebuilding her fortune.

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