Not all Ultra-Tech gears are Traveller-universe alright. Here is a digest of what exist (that you are aware of).

Legality Classes

  • UWO/Imperial civilian installation such as Highports during peacetime have a CR4 (1000km radius)
  • UWO/Imperial official installations and naval, scientific, governmental, scout/courrier and construction installations are CR5 (1000km radius).
  • Unlike what is specified in GURPS IW, most CR6 worlds are treated as CR4:
    • CR6: Dystopia such as 1984's Airstrip One, The Crysalid's Labrador, North Korea.
    • CR5: Typical level for repressive dictatorships. 
    • CR4: Most UWO sovereign governments, European union.
    • CR3: Parts of current day United States of America. Minimal functioning level for democracies.
    • CR2: hands-off corporate administration
    • CR1: Ethical lawlessness
  • Licensing:
    • Case LC = CR: Item must be registered to your valid ID.
    • Case LC = CR - 1: Restricted uses. You must obtain a permit. 
    • Unregistered/Unauthorized item: Must be packaged and disassembled and treated as cargo.
      • Exception: Ship's locker may contain as many cutlasses and LC3 as there are crew members. Permit is valid within the ship only.
    • Case LC < CR - 1: Needs permit to carry as cargo.

Personal Protection

  • Infantry Armor: Nanoweave Tactical suit/Vest + Light helmet (Reflec at TL9)
  • Other suits/vest at TL9 and TL10 are available as well. 
  • Type 29-L Colom Light-duty Battledress: Commando Battlesuit/TL10 (p.183) DR 90/65
  • Type 62-C Rearden Medium-duty Battledress: Scout Variant of Heavy Battlesuit/TL10 (p.184) DR 90/65
  • Type 438-B Redding Assault Battledress: Heavy Battlesuit (p.184)
  • ...
  • Terrans are using Tactical suits, Sealed suits and Commando Battlesuits.

Personal Weapon systems

  • Slug thrower: Gauss weapons  (TL10), Conventional (TL9).
    • Special: Gas-powered slug throwers exists but are not used by law enforcement nor armed forces. Higher LC make them more common in high CR societies.
  • Terran Laser: High-Energy (UWO forces) and Dazzler (Law, civilians)
    • IR, Blue-green, UV for high-powered.
    • Carbines and rifles are common in armed forces.
    • Carbines in law enforcement.
    • Pistols in some applications (pilots)
  • Vilani energy weapons:
    • T-45 X-ray laser (experimental X-ray laser rifle)
    • Fusion rifle: (FGMP-11; Heavy Plasma Gun, Battle riffle uses the Plasma pistol stats)

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