Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Acquiring a freight contract

The PCs intend to head to the fringe of the empire. They intend to go from Terra to Nusku (6 pcs, 3 Jumps). The Bilateral Trade Number is 11.5 between the two world, adjusted down to 10 due to the range.

Acquiring a contract

After a few hours of trolling the tramp freight market, the best option is a package of 70 tons of valuable microbeads. Normally, the lot would go for about 273 KCr. However, the competition is intense. The ship's broker (Merchant-14) must apply -4 because this run follows a main trade route. The broker rolls a 8 vs Merchant-10, for a margin of +2. The contract is theirs for 287 KCr.


Three jumps will be required. Each jump requires 20T of hydrogen. Each ton of hydrogen when refuelled at a spaceport is 350Cr/T. So the H2 budget is 21 KCr. Seven weeks of food for 6 is about 2 KCr. Consumable: 23 Kcr

Salaries: 6 crew for 7 weeks would be about 63 KCr

Maintenance: 6 KCr

Mortgage: 400 KCr

Total: ~500 KCr 

In order to break even, the ship must find another contract to fill the other half of the hold. 

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