Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Doualé Consortium LLC

The consortium has Pierrot Ekangaki as its CEO. Pierrot is the mastermind behind the corporation that draws funds largely from a large number of small, middle-class investors.

Pierrot is on a one man mission to bring wealth to the Douale Consortium. His strategy is to use his social standing, reputation, current affairs contact and a light touch of psychology/carousing to recruit more investors into the consortium.

He has a nice office in downtown Doualé, but works mainly for people living in the Northern suburbs. He otherwise lives the life of a young professional with a good sum of disposable income. His personal life is on hold due to his obsession to make his business work. He wants out, but not until Doualé has a stable future ahead.

The consortium is run on a seat-of-the-pants basis. There is very little mobile assets to make things run smoothly. Consequently, Pierrot often has to appeal to investors for more funds. As a result, the consortium has learned to keep their distance with the man and are limiting their interactions to the occasional shareholder meetings.


  • TCIV Cameroon, 20dT Free Trader. 
  • Terran LEO warehouse and Berth (Perpetual Lease), 150T. 
  • $1.1M cash. 
  • 12 Month outstanding contract for TCIV Cameroon Charter 21. 
  • Current Net worth: $50M over 20K shares owned by 1500 people ($2.5K/share) 


  • $15M Governmental loan, $42K/Month, $12M outstanding. 
  • CEO salary: $5K/Month 
  • Office: $3K/Month 

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