Friday, February 26, 2016

Molly Pepper

Engineering is pretty swell!
Molly Pepper is a cheerful, big-boned gal from British Columbia, Canada, Terra. She’s quite bright and has learned that she loves getting her hands dirty. Due to some careful mentoring from a dear uncle, she has emerged from her backwater roots to explore the stars!

IQ: 13, DX: 10, ST: 10, HT: 10;
Per: 13, Will: 12, HP: 11, FP: 10;
Overweight [-1] 5’9", 160 lb.;
TL: 10 [ 5];

Trait: Polite; Ambidextrous

Status: 2 (Municipality Sheriff mother, doctor father)
Wealth: Comfortable (1)
Rank: navy spacer/1, paramedic/1, college graduate/1

Quebecois N/N
Salish A/-

Social Network
Patron: Undersecretary of Terran Affairs Cole Pepper (uncle), 2128- [ V. powerful, CR12] [ 30]
Reputation: +3, inventor of the Pepper Spanner, navy jumpdrive engineers, rarely

Engineer(jumpdrive)-14, Engineer(drive)-13, Engineer(mechanical)-13
Research-13, CompOps-15, Writing-13, Mathematics-13
Mechanic-13, Driving(ground)-14, Piloting-10, Free Fall-10
First Aid-15, Psychology-11
Survival/Beach-12, Freight handling-14, Administration-12, Fishing-13, Crewperson-13, Boating-13, Brawling-10, Swimming-10

Carousing-10, Streetwise-12, Leadership-14, Savoir Faire (military)-13

AK/Terra-15, AK/Sol System-13,AK/British Columbia-14,AK/BC Coast and waters-16, AK/Toronto-15, AK/L4 Colonies-13, Current Affairs(Events)-13


Molly Pepper was a bright girl stuck in Prince Rupert, BC, Canada. Her mother was a big wheel in local government, while her dad was a doctor. She enjoyed a good life, but was bored. She was a sturdy girl, not attractive, but always had a smile on her face. She spent a lot of time on her computer playing video games, where she made friends easily. One was an Asian college student named Sum Gai, who joined her guild and was always available for raids or gaming world gossip.

Getting her hands dirty
Molly has a very powerful uncle who saw in her some potential. But she was stunted from a comfortable life in a rural backwater. He arranged for her to get a job to teach her the value of hard work, and she ended up on a fishing boat off the BC coast. She discovered that she liked working with machinery and her hands. She also realized that she agreed with him, and that her intelligence was wasted in manual labor. She decided to go to college. She worked double shifts for the rest of her stint on the boat and managed to put away a small nest egg for school.

No college? No problem!
Her uncle was called away on important Terran business, and missed the deadline to gain Molly admittance into college. Her hopes of getting into college dashed, she decided to enlist. She chose the Navy, so she could work on engines more. She ended up posted in a rough section of space patrolling for pirates. One battle ended with a bioweapon breach on her ship. She saw a crewmate get infected and eventually they died. She served her term and cashiered out as a Navy Spacer (Rank 1) with some good engineering skills under her belt.

Now college, no problem
With the help of her patron as well as the gold star on her application from her service, Molly throws herself into her studies. She bonds closely with her roommate, Mandy Pepperidge. She studies hard and learns a lot about engineering, both formal and informal. She also learns to socialize, although she prefers the blue collar bars to the preppie ones near the college. For her final project, she invents a tool that she saw a need for while in the navy. The Pepper Spanner. It makes a few of the tasks maintaining the jump drives much easier. This earns her a +3 reputation (inventor of the Pepper Spanner) only with Navy jumpdrive engineers, who rarely recognize her.

Padding her resume
Molly finished her bachelor’s degree and was not interested in more school. She missed the excitement of the Navy, but wanted something a little less lethal. She applied and was accepted as a rookie paramedic on one of the space colonies at Terra’s L4 collection. As a paramedic, she was pushed to improve her medical skills, as well as her ability to get around the station. She almost got in trouble with L4Sec when her partner was caught dealing in illegal drugs, but managed to demonstrate that she had nothing to do with his activities. She lost contact with her roomie from McGill when her roommate got married right out of college (she had made no secret of pursuing an MRS degree.)

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