Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Anika Kaprescu

Anika Kaprescu, female, 30 y.o., born on Mars.
Traits: IQ9, Will10, ST11, HP12, HT11, FP12, very fit, Status -2 (unwanted orphan), TL10, illiterate, Talent 2 (Brawling, Soldier, Scrounging, Streetwise, Guns(rifle), Tactics), honest face, Killjoy.
Courtesy Rank: Sergeant/2 (military, UWO Marines)
Skills: Anglic (N/-), Rumanian(A/-). Computer Use/TL9-9 (must use non-text based interface), Driving(ground)-10, Survival(desert)-10. Soldier-13**, Savoir-faire(military)-8, First-aid-8, crewman-10, free fall-10, Powersuit-11, Guns(rifle)-13**[2cp], Tactics-11**, Free Fall-10, Powersuit-9, Leadership-11, streetwise-12**, intimidation-9, scrounging-9
Area Knowledge: 13: Nusku; 12, Terra; 11, Aggida, Barnard; 10, Dingir.
Patron: Captain Stein (powerful individual, CR15)
Contact: 1 Childhood contact to allocate.
Social: Social stigma (ex-convict) -1, Terran, CR6.
Starting Wealth: 50 KCr ( 10 KCr as hard cash )


2156: Enlists in the space marines (infantry) as the 2nd IW comes to an end. She is assigned to a company providing humanitarian relief to stranded community of Nusku as the Imperials abandon the planet. Her hard work (soldier) and markswomanship gains her the favour of her Company commander. She is promoted to Corporal/1 and get under the wing of Captain Stein (powerful individual, CR15). Duration: 2 years. Time decay: very fit -> fit. Buys TL10 with outstanding points!

2158 (18 y.o.): She persist in the Infantry, but the missions goes from humanitarian to low-intensity conflict. The mission lasts 4 long years and gets somewhat dreary. Her patron keeps her out of the worst assignments.

2162 (22 y.o.): As the UWO marine corps downsize, Anika leave the service and struggles to find mercenary work until her patron gets her a gig. However, things turn sour very quickly and she lands in jail for battery and assault. She spends the next 4 years in jail with violent offenders. There she hardens quite a bit and serve her full 4 years sentence.

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